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About Clothes for a Change

Clothes for a Change is a global campaign to raise awareness about the negative health and environmental effects of conventional and genetically engineered cotton and the institutionalized exploitation of clothing sweatshops.
By uniting organic consumers, anti-genetic engineering activists, trade unionists, religious social justice advocates, progressives in the fashion & apparel industry, and the Fair Trade / anti-sweatshop communities into a potent force we can change the dynamics of the marketplace and fundamentally alter public policy.

The Clothes for a Change Campaign Is Demanding that Major Clothing Retailers & Manufacturers:

  • Stop using genetically engineered cotton.
  • Start blending in certified organic or "transition to organic" cotton in their clothing.
  • Guarantee that they meet independently verified Fair Labor (non-sweatshop) standards.
  • Eliminate all production and export cotton subsidies in the U.S. and convert to Green subsidies for organic and transition to organic cotton production.
While the OCA and our allies put marketplace pressure on the clothing giants, we will also be enlisting public interest groups to support the campaign by:
  • Committing to procure non-sweatshop, environmentally sound products.
  • Signing-on in support of the core demands of the Clothes for a Change campaign.
Cotton Bud
  • National Labor Committee - Educating & engaging the public on human & labor rights abuses by corporations.
  • Workers Rights Consortium (WRC) - A non-profit organization created by college and university administrations, students and labor rights experts on over 100 campuses. The WRC's purpose is to ensure that factories producing clothing and other goods bearing college and university names respect the basic rights of workers.
  • UNITE! Fighting for good jobs everywhere. Our union is supporting workers in other countries who are fighting to organize their own unions to improve wages and working conditions.
  • Clean Clothes Campaign Campaignind to improve working conditions in the garment industry.
  • Ethix Merch A supplier of custom made, union made and organic promotional products and the new Alta Gracia line of living wage, union made clothing. Ethix Merch also hosts a blog that discusses workers rights, sweatfree campaigns, fair trade, and the environment.
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